My Bedroom – Caravan Life

IMG_2608I wanted to write a short post about my Bailey Pageant bedroom as some of you might be interested in what my Caravan looks like inside. For those of you that don’t know – me and my boyfriend Simon own a Caravan together and we have lived in it for over a year now. It is a Bailey Pageant Vendee with a fixed double bed. We tour around Europe in it and use it as our very own mountain retreat. We have a nice cosy bedroom where we can relax and watch tv. The heater is in the bedroom too so it stays nice and toasty during the Winter months. We can run the heater off gas or electric depending on where we are pitched up so we can always stay warm.IMG_2609My giant minion now lives in the Shower – We don’t actually use the shower in our Bailey caravan, it’s more of an extra storage space! It is a lovely full sized shower though and isn’t cramped at all. The facilities on the Campsite we work at are really good so we choose not to use ours.The TV & Xbox fit perfectly on the shelf area and there is a cupboard underneath for all our games and controllers to go. 
The bed is a full size double so it’s big enough for both of us to fit in comfortably, I sleep at the side where the windows are. I like to pop the blinds up on a morning and see what the weather is like. This is a bit of a random post but I wanted to show that caravan life is actually really nice and it’s a way of living together while we save money. Take a look at the Bailey website and you can see inside all of the different models with the 360 degree viewer.


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