Salomon Lily Focus Boa Boots


IMG_3248The Salomon Lily Focus Boa has been a favourite of mine for a long time. It usually takes me aaaages to find a boot that fits right but that wasn’t the case with the Lily’s. These boots have a lot of support and there is a nice heel grip inside which locks your ankles firmly in place. IMG_3250Being a double boa means they are super easy to do up and tighten in all the right places around your feet. With new Ortholite C3 memory foam insole your feet will stay comfortable all day long. In my opinion these are one of the best freestyle boots on the market. I like the detail on these too, the pattern is cute and personally I think if you ride a lot then black boots tend to look better for longer as they don’t show dirt up as much. IMG_3249As far as quality goes they are top notch too, I rode my 2014/15 lily’s for a year (including 5 months of riding pretty much everyday) and they have only just started to show signs of loosening up. They are a slightly stiff boot which I love because I feel more comfortable wearing nice tight boots. There is some flex in them though so they are the perfect fit for freestyle. If you want a boot that is going to perform in the park and last then these are a good call. As with any boots though you should always try them on before you buy to make sure they fit you and you like the feel of them.


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