Rocket Dog Duet Shoes

IMG_0301With the Summer on it’s way I thought it was time to treat my feet after months on wearing snowboard boots and trainers! The best way to do that was to pay a visit to Rocket Dog and take a look at the new styles they have on offer. IMG_0228My favorite style is the Duet which is comfy slip on flat shoe that’s super comfy and available in some awesome patterns. I chose the ‘Sunkissed Wave Runner‘ pattern IMG_0313These are perfect if your always on the go ( I never have time for shoe laces!) You can also get these in a Flamingo print modeled by my lovely friend Alise! 11150297_10152793152991546_5264766573351113534_nThe Crochet style Duet’s are really nice too so if you want something a bit more simple then these would be great. They are available in black & cream too. 11150254_10152816254011546_436980283170269738_n


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