Panasonic Action Camera – HX-A500

I have been testing out the Panasonic HX-A500 camera and it really has impressed me. Having used GoPro’s, Contour camera’s and Canon compact camera’s to film on the mountain with I was intrigued to see how the Panasonic would perform. This video was shot using this camera –

Firstly the design does take a while to get used to, the camera itself is tiny and weighs nothing. I bought a tripod mount for mine because holding it in your hand makes it hard to keep it the right way up. Being able to see everything that the camera see’s from the screen is really useful though. You can even alter the light balance setting’s from the screen pack. The two parts are connected by a cable, at first it seems odd but it makes sense as the camera is so small and lightweight you could easily loose it if it wasn’t connected to the screen pack.

Picture quality –S1030004

The stills that this camera takes are awesome, the quality is great and even holding it in your hand to take a photo on a moving chairlift shows no sign of movement whatsoever.S1030002 You switch from video mode to camera mode using the screen pack, you can even swap from wide angle to standard which is really handy too. The best part is you can turn the wifi on in the camera settings and view all of your photo’s on your phone. From there you can save the images straight to your phone, it works really quickly too. 11150253_10206477345350728_4390365755128471148_nThis is a close up shot of some ducks, I had some bread next to the camera and they came straight over! haha.  11001530_10206197469794014_4696682579334503633_oI’ve had a lot of fun using this camera and I love the fact I can take a photo in super high quality and have it posted on Instagram in seconds!

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