New Hair! Salonix Selby

IMG_6289Last week I FINALLY made it to the hairdressers! I spent months growing my blonde out and looking after it to try and give it a rest from bleach. All was well and my hair was in fairly good condition until I had an incident with the gas oven and my hair got singed (I would not recommend this to anyone! haha) My hair was in desperate need of help and of course I went to my favourite salon in my hometown of Selby- Salonix!


As you can see my hair was looking really tired and dull. SO going brown was the best option and I must say I have actually fallen in love with it! I feel like Katniss Everdeen now, I just need to dust off my bow and go for a run through the forest.


Salonix was my salon of choice as always – you may have read my other hair posts where I go on about how Rob is the best hairdresser on the planet! If your like me and have killed your hair off then I would seriously recommend that you buy an intensive treatment for it, otherwise you will end up with snapped off horrible hair! Try the Salonix Extreme Rebuilder treatment which is designed to add much needed proteins and vitamins to badly damaged hair. I also use a small amount of argon oil before I dry it and it always leaves my hair feeling soft and smelling gorgeous. IMG_6287


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  1. RavishingRoses says:

    It’s so so nice!! Love your blog would be great if you could check my latest post too 🙂

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