Mara Clothing – Embroidered Easy Ride Beanie

IMG_0473Mara is a hand made clothing company from Scotland run by a lovely lady called Michelle. I was on the look out for a new beanie to wear under my snowboard helmet and I decided to try out the ‘embroidered easy ride beanie‘ which is a fold up style hat. It arrived super fast in the post and I tried it out straight away under my new XS helmet. IMG_6316The fit is perfect for me, it’s not too thick which means even when the edge is rolled up it still fits under my helmet nice and snug. IMG_0469I picked the Grey colour because it goes with everything and it has almost a speckled affect with white in which I really liked. IMG_6317The quality is great and the material is soft and cosy. Take a look at the other colour options and styles, if you like bobble hats then you will love the Single PeakΒ beanie. Also Mara have some awesome reversible tube scarfs too which would be perfect for cold days on the mountain. IMG_6235I always reach for a trusty beanie on a bad hair day too! Check out my mini instagram edit with me wearing the beanie at SnoZone Castleford.

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