Pros & Cons of caravanning

11143256_1042605022436336_8975873896732371023_nCaravan holidays are one of the best ways to explore the country (or europe) and I want to help show that it’s also an easy way of travelling. It can be quite daunting when you think about the prospect of towing a caravan but it really is a lot easier than you would expect. Me and Simon recently sold a caravan on behalf of a friend to a young couple that stayed in a tent on the campsite where we work. They were so stoked on their new little holiday home! Now after living in our caravan for nearly 2 years now we have learnt the pro’s and con’s of touring in a caravan. The pro’s always outweigh the cons though!photo (4)

  • Being able to move around and visit loads of sites

That’s the great thing with caravanning you can plan yourself a nice route and visit a few different campsites on your holiday. If you get bored or don’t like a site you can hitch up and move on to the next spot!262431_10201154391600211_1943722402_n

  • Spiders! 

You will only really notice this if you have an awning up (the tents that attach to the side of your caravan) but spiders seem to get everywhere! Don’t leave any of your clothes outside or you will have a nice surprise when you put them back on! All caravans have fly screens for the windows so if you’re smart and keep them down when the windows are open you will stay bug free!10885534_10205559325320801_9191934424505864401_n

  • Being nice and cosy while it rains outside (or snows)

The lovely UK weather can never resist a good downpour but when you are nice and warm inside your caravan with a cup of tea it’s great! The sound of rain on the roof is so relaxing too, it sends me straight to sleep. I love it even more when we are in Austria and it’s snowing outside!

  • When it’s your turn to empty the toilet

Not everyone uses the caravan toilet when they are staying on campsites as the facilities are usually close by. It is handy to have in the middle of the night though when you don’t want to run outside in your pj’s! To be honest it’s not that bad to empty and you soon get used to it. 553992_4838843367275_1069464056_n

  • You can take as much luggage as you want! 

You can pack for your holiday without having to worry about squeezing everything into a tiny suitcase. You will have to distribute the weight evenly so take this into consideration when packing – at least you won’t be limited to 23kg like you are on an plane! So you don’t have to whittle your favourite shoes down either – you can take them all!

  • Reversing

Now if you work as a team reversing is easy, one of you can get out to help guide the driver into place. It can be scary but once you have got the hang of how it works you can reverse into anywhere with your caravan. Don’t worry if you argue over this, it’s normal!

  • Lorry drivers tend to look after you – your part of their club now!

Most lorry drivers are helpful when they see a caravan trying to get back into the slow lane and they will flash you in when there is room for you. They understand what it’s like trying to get back into lane after overtaking when you can’t see the back of your vehicle properly. They are either really nice or really miserable because your overtaking them!photo 3

  • Waking up to a different view

I love waking up on a morning and opening the blinds to see what the weather is like! It’s nice because wherever we go I am in my own bed but I get a different view when we move to different places!23357_10200265060607492_1961408973_n

  • Having your car on holiday with you

Having a caravan instead of a motorhome means as soon as the caravan is pitched up you can use your car to do shopping and go on day trips. It makes life a lot easier and you can explore more places during the stay.

If you ever have any questions about caravan holidays feel free to comment below! 🙂


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