Wakeboarding at New Forest Water Park

This week I went Wakeboarding for the first time since last summer. After being nagged for weeks and weeks by everyone that rides there I finally gave in and had an hour session. I’m going to be honest, wakeboarding doesn’t get me stoked the way snowboarding does.. BUT that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it. As a beginner I am still not quite comfortable on a Wakeboard but I think with some more practice it will get easier. My main issue is corners, they take some getting used to. I’m sure after years of riding you don’t even notice them but for me they seem super fast and scary! I managed to do a boardslide and hit a small jump this week though so that got me stoked to learn more tricks.IMG_0994Up until this session I’ve always used the old school rental boards so I stepped up to a ‘real’ board which was the Slingshot Pearl. Being a flat based board with no fins I found it pretty weird compared the rental boards. The lovely guys over at Surface2Air provide the cable park with demo boards from their shop so you can try before you buy. It took a while to get used to but I really enjoyed it. If you need any kit I would definitely recommend visiting the guys at surface 2 air, they are really friendly and helpful and will guide you in the right direction when buying a new setup. The bindings were Slingshot Jewel’s and they were really comfortable and easy to tighten up. Lots of support and I love the colour.. they match my XS helmet! My friend Polly came out for an hour on the water too so that was nice, there was barely anyone riding which meant no que on the dock. The New Forest Water Park run a ladies morning which i’m planning on going to. It’s ladies only and they run the cable a little bit slower to make it easier. It would be perfect if your thinking of trying Wakeboarding for the first time or if your not too confident at it yet. me and poll


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  1. That looks like a lot of fun. We love cable parks in this area.

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