Biking in my XS helmet


So a few weeks ago a packaged arrived from Canada and inside it were two awesome snowboard/bike helmets from XS helmets. As it’s summer here in the UK and I no longer live near a snowdome I haven’t been doing much snowboarding. Living in the New Forest means it’s hard not to venture out and explore the place so I took my mountain bike through one of the trails on our campsite. ofc9WUTI0seFV4L1fzEmax4IDdTtSichSHOXD66PlGEFirstly I LOVE the colour, it matches nicely with my Nikita Jabiru shirt. Take a look at all of the colour options on the site though as they have lots of cool pastel colours to choose from and my other favourite is the Blueberry colour.The fit of the freeride helmet is great, it comes with different padding options so you can adjust them to fit perfectly on your head. Also there are two options for the padding pieces, sweat proof summer ones and cosy winter ones. This makes it really easy to switch from snowboard to bike mode. It’s been rather hot here lately so I took the furry earpads out (these are awesome on the mountain when it’s freezing cold!) which simply unclip from the strap. W9hpAZ2bOJMGfNHcX1VCp1FOp4LTPBw2XG-G9DkUJvMI have used this helmet snowboarding too when I visited my old local snowdome in Castleford a few weeks ago and I loved it. Here’s a little instagram video I made from the session. I do miss having this place on my doorstep! 


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