Car Park Rail Jam @ Chill Factore, Manchester

Right so for those of you that live in the North there is a rail jam being held in the car park of Manchester’s indoor snow slope Chill Factore. If your interested you can sign up hereIt’s something a bit different and will give you the chance to experience what city rail jams are like the Rock a Rail contest in Holland.The atmosphere is always really good at these events, you have to keep hiking the features to get your tricks nailed so it makes it more interesting. Also it means you can see what your friends are throwing down and give them some encouragement. Subvert boardstore, SPY, Volcom, Thirtytwo & Vans are supporting the competition so there will be plenty of goodies handed out. This type of rail jam rarely happens in the UK so it’s not one to be missed!

Chill Factore has a amazing park team that are always coming up with the most creative setups so no doubt they will do a great job with the rail setup outside. Unfortunately I can’t make it as I live down South now 😦 Get yourself signed up and enjoy! 🙂


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