Snowboard Demo : The best way to choose a new snowboard

IMG_0021We are getting to the time of year where all the new snowboard stock is making it’s way to the shops. It’s also the time of year where you will see snowboard demo nights popping up at the indoor snow domes. Testing out a few different snowboards is always a really good idea before you commit to buying a board. Subvert Boardstore have been hosting a few demo nights with different brands and I made the trip up to Chill Factore for the Salomon & Nikita demo night.IMG_0012 In usual Chill Factore fashion they had a great park setup with something for everyone so it was the perfect night to get a real feel for each of the boards. If you are buying a new park board you should test it out on some rails and jumps before you commit to buy. If you are going to be riding freestyle every week you want to be really comfortable on your board. There are so many different types of camber and construction which works differently for everyone so try as many as possible and you will find something you really love that you might have been put off by other peoples reviews. IMG_0004_FotorSalomon have some epic boards this season from the super popular Gypsy to the perfect all rounder Wander. For me the board I was most excited to get my hands on was the new Nikita Expression. Not only is the graphic super pretty (not that it’s the most important part or anything..) but it has been my board of choice for a over a year now. If you are wanting to progress to the next level in freestyle then this board will be a lot of fun for you.IMG_0031 I switched from the Nikita Sideways Sista to the Expression and really felt my riding progress both in the park and on the piste. Keep an eye out for other demo events like the Snowboard Big Bang because sometimes they even offer a discount if you purchase the board you like on the day.


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