Wakeboard – Jobe Grace

IMG_0018*Disclaimer* I am not a professional wakeboarder! I still class myself as a beginner/amateur! This Summer I finally tried out Wakeboards that aren’t just the bog standard rental boards with open toe bindings. I want to start hitting the park features more so I’m trying to find the perfect board for me. IMG_0002The first board I tried was the Slingshot Pearl which I liked but found it hard to ride with it being quite a flat board. This week I took the Jobe Grace out for a ride and I found it so much easier to ride. The channelling on the base helped me out on the corners a lot and I felt more stable and confident.IMG_0003 Personally I really like the graphics on the Grace, I know a few girls don’t like how girly wakeboard graphics are but I love the colours and pattern on the grace. It looks great with the Slingshot Jewel bindingsIMG_0025Hitting the obstacles was really fun on this board, I found it easy to cut across to the boxes. When I was on the box it felt smooth and easy to move around on and I can see it being a really fun board if you like riding park. Now corners are still my enemy on the cable, I can get around most of them fine but I am still having problems on one of the sharper corners. Compared to the Pearl I found this board a lot nicer around the corners, the deep channels really help with cutting and turning. IMG_0029The water temperature is nice and cool now so my 5mm wetsuit made a much needed appearance. I do wish I had gone in the lake a bit more over the Summer but I don’t get the same buzz from it as I do with snowboarding! Maybe it will come once I master the corners and start to enjoy it more. The cable is New Forest Water Park which is perfect for beginners and pro’s. They have a system 2 for you to learn on before moving across to the main cable which has 5 corners making it a bit easier than a 4 corner cable. At NFWP you can demo a few different boards and if you decide you like it they stock the Jobe Grace in reception. If you fancy giving wakeboarding a try you should just go for it! If you are a keen snowboarder you will find some things will cross over and help you out when it comes to riding a wakeboard. Just like with Snowboarding it is hard to learn at first but stick with it and you will love it. IMG_0030I wore my XS freeride helmet to ride in which matched quite well with my setup! XS helmets have also just revealed they are going to be a making a snow & water helmet which would be perfect if you love both snowboarding & watersports. It looks awesome! 11373924_743325779130460_271297974_nKeep up with what they are doing on their instagram! XS Helmets


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