Snowboarding at The Snow Centre

When I first started riding I lived 15 minutes away from Xscape Castleford and would ride twice a week religiously. Since I have moved down south the nearest slope to me is at Hemel Hempstead which takes nearly 2 hours to get to! The Snow Centre is my favourite slope in the UK though so I don’t mind making the effort to get there. IMG_0157After what has felt like a lifetime of not snowboarding it felt nice to get back on my board to hit some rails.

The girls scene at Hemel is always great and it puts you in such a good mood seeing so many girls pushing themselves to try new things. This night was one of the most fun nights of riding ever and it’s got me super excited to get back to Mayrhofen for the Winter! My outfit of choice for indoor dome riding consists of Nikita Deerwood pants, Subvert Raglan Hoody, XS freeride helmet, Mara ‘Easy Ride’ beanie & Celtek Maya MittensΒ 


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