Subvert Boardstore New Arrivals

The shops are stocking up with Autumn/Winter clothing right now. I love this time of year because the clothes are so comfy and cosy! Here are my favourite picks from Subvert Boardstore –

Nikita Delano Shirt – 

Nikita Delano Shirt

A checkered Nikita shirt is always a staple wardrobe item for me. When your in a rush you can just throw this on with some jeans and your ready to go.

Kaya Leggings – 

Kaya Legging

I love the print on these leggings, I just ordered some for myself because I pretty much live in leggings when Autumn arrives. It’s nice to have the pattern on the bottom and then pair it with a simply hoodie.

Nikita Stillhouse Crew – 

Nikita Stillhouse Crew

Crewneck jumpers are my favourite thing to travel in. They keep you warm without being too bulky. I always make the mistake of layering up when i’m on the move and I end up being a sweaty mess by the time I reach my destination. This Rosewood wash colour is the one I went for.

CLWR Ladies Hype Hoody –

CLWR Ladies Hype Hoody

This Colour Wear hoody would be perfect for wearing underneath your jacket on a super cold day and you could even get away with wearing it to ride indoors with. The high neck looks super cosy and the long fit is always going to be a winner with snowboarders.

Vans Authentic Guate Stripe Shoe – 

Vans Authentics

Subvert always have a great shoe selection to choose from and they always have some really nice prints too. I love this Guate Stripe pattern on the Authentics.

Vans Classic Slip On – 

Vans Classic Slip On

This summer I have been wearing slip on shoes because they are so easy to out on. The floral print on these classics are so cute too. If your going to be travelling around I would recommend these because you can take them on and off easily on the plane or in the car and they are really comfy to wear too.

Celtek Gallery Mittens – 

Celtek Gallery Mitten

I am so excited that these have finally made it to the shops! I saw them back in February at ISPO and fell in love with them. These are my top choice for this winter, they are really toasty and durable too. Your hands will stay warm all day in these cuties. They are also available with an owl design on them

Celtek Gallery Mittens

Thirty Two Lashed FT Snowboard Boots – 

Thirty Two Lashed FT Snowboard Boots

Thirty Two always produce some rad looking boots and this season is no exception. As always I highly recommend that you go and try Snowboard Boots on. The guys at Subvert will be more than happy to help you find the right boots for you. Take a look at the rest of the store and if you live near Manchester go visit the store to take a closer look

Salomon Wonder Snowboard – 

Salomon Wonder Snowboard

If you are looking at buying a new snowboard this year and you feel like you want something that can keep up with your progression then the Salomon Wander is perfect for you. You read that boards are ‘all rounders’ all the time but this truly is perfect for everything. I love riding it in the park and feel like it has help me improve my riding loads. It’s awesome on rails and has a nice flex to it however this doesn’t mean it can’t hold up when your charging along the piste. Have a chat to the team in Subvert and let them know what your looking for in a board and they will help you find the perfect board for you. They also have a demo fleet so you can test them out before you buy at Chill Factore.

Eivy Icecold Top – 

Eivy Icecold Top – Tropical

Eivy have a really colourful range of baselayers to choose from. This tropical print is my favourite one. It drys super quick and has a fleece lined high collar for extra warmth.

So that’s my roundup of my favourite products from Subvert Boardstore. Remember to support your local snowboard shops, they are the ones that will look after you if you have any problems and they offer the best advice when committing to buying new kit. You might get a cheaper deal online but if you might end up buying the wrong thing for you, it’s much better to chat to someone and find whats really right for you!

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