Starbucks Hot Mulled Fruits

CS5KkLlXIAALziv.jpg-largeNovember is here and it’s finally starting to feel like Winter! I recently discovered that Starbucks have 2 hot mulled fruit drinks on offer. I had a free taster in store and instantly knew that was what I wanted to order! My favourite is the Mulled Apple but they also do a Mulled Grape flavour. When I take a sip of this it reminds me of being at the Christmas markets in Innsbruck. If you like warm fruity and sweet drinks then you will love this. I never get this excited about a drink but the Mulled Fruits are so delicious! The recipe consists of hot spiced apple with chai and a slice of apple with a cinnamon stick. photoPlus who can pass up the opportunity to take a Starbucks cup Instagram snap.. not me obviously! Starbucks are running an Instagram contest at the moment and you have until the 10th of November to enter. Upload your red cup photo along with the hashtag #RedCupContestUK to enter. 🙂


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