10 Reasons why snowboarders love Autumn

  1. Nobody cares if you wear a beanie every day now. 
  2. You get way more compliments on how your dressed because your coat collection is amazing
  3. Being able to wear hoodies, like big slouchy cosy hoodies that are actually a trend now.
  4. New snowboard gear gets released in shops and online. *bank account cries*
  5. Snowboard movies start to drop online so you can get stoked on Winter and convince yourself that you will try harder this season.
  6. You don’t actually mind the cold weather, everyone else moans about it but you love it. 
  7. Now you have another excuse to add to your never ending coat collection.
  8. Webcam stalking begins, you know the resort doesn’t open for another month but there’s no harm in looking at the webcams to check on snow conditions.
  9. Family members start to ask you what you want for christmas and you tell them all about the new goggles with quick change lenses that you want as they look at you blankly not having a clue what your talking about.
  10. Winter is just around the corner! You don’t have to wait long until you are reunited with your snowboard!

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