Nikita Expression Snowboard

img_0031Having chosen the Nikita Expression as my board of choice for the past 2 seasons now it’s safe to say I love this snowboard! image4It’s marketed as an all mountain freestyle board which if you were solely looking for a freestyle specific board might put you off. The reason I opted for this board was because of the sintered base which, if you are progressing onto more advanced features and your riding level is improving will really help you out. Having a sintered base is really important if you ride indoor domes too! It will ride faster for longer and as long as you wax it every now and then it will stay in really good condition.


Not only does it help you gain a bit of extra speed but the base is more durable and will hold wax longer. Keeping the popster core from last years board means you can still pop super high ollie with ease. image5

The royal rubber pads under your feet cushion impact helping you land tricks smoothly. Overall the Expression is the perfect board for anyone who wants to take their riding up to the next level and needs a board that can keep up with them. image3

*Tip* If you can’t get hold of the Nikita Expression in the UK the Salomon Wonder is the same board!


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