Crossing the Channel with P&O

IMG_0018At the end of November we packed up the new Bailey Brindisi caravan and headed straight for Austria. Living in the New Forest for the summer meant that crossing from Dover to Calais was the best option for us. We chose to cross with P&O ferries as we have used them in the past and always enjoyed the service. Booking online is super easy, it takes minutes to book a crossing and there are plenty of times to choose from. They offer a flexi deal too incase you are unsure wether you will make a certain time slot.IMG_8035 We got to the docks in good time and were even offered the chance to get on the earlier crossing but we had friends catching the 9.25am with us so we waited for them to arrive.IMG_8062 Boarding the ferry was easy and stress free, we always seem to end up at the front too so we are first off in Calais! Onboard we headed straight for the Club Lounge which in my opinion is worth paying the extra for.

With free tea, coffee, champagne and snacks it pays for itself in no time. You get the luxury of free wifi, comfy seats and a quiet relaxing atmosphere which is perfect before a long drive.

After a nice break and a drink we had a look around the onboard shop where we found lots of great deals on everything from perfume to sunglasses. The arcade kept us entertained for a while too! With half an hour left until we reached Calais we headed back to the Club Lounge to charge our phones and check emails before it was time to unload.

The staff onboard were friendly and helpful, any questions or requests you have they are aways more than happy to help. When it was time to head back to our car we made our way down to the car deck and waited a few minutes for the boat to dock and the doors to open. IMG_8045The speed of the docking process always amazes me, you never have wait longer than ten minutes before you can drive off the Ferry and get on the road. IMG_8082After a pleasant crossing we were refreshed and ready for the long journey ahead. If you are planning a trip across to Europe I would definitely recommend using P&O ferries, they provide an excellent service and even their Twitter feed is always up to date with helpful advice and any problems so you can plan ahead and make sure you arrive on time. IMG_8071


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