My Style – Over the years

After writing a post about women’s snowboard gear I thought I would go through my Facebook and find all the different style ‘phases’ I went through. It’s not great, I enjoyed the ‘baggy’ style for a long time before going to the opposite end of the scale and wearing skinny jeans to ride in. Awkward.. I know. It seems that I have tried out many trends, tie dye, skinny, baggy, t-shirt over a hoody, bright colours, black, wearing guys stuff etc. Lets take an embarrassing look at what I’ve worn over the years.

That goggle tan though!

Ok so we might as well get the most embarrassing pictures out of the way first – Yes those are Trespass trousers i’m wearing..

Katie Omerod was killing it from a very young age! Doesn’t look great when the girl that beat you is nearly half the size of you! haha check out that fluorescent one piece though..

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I think I started my snowboard life in the baggy pants and high jacket phase. These Volcom pants are mens and so if the ThirtyTwo down jacket! Rebellious Faye! Next I decided to ditch the big puffy jacket and replace it with a massive hoody –

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I made a tie dye shirt and thought I would join in with the new trend by wearing it over a hoodie..

Then came the ‘skinny’ pants stage, which I took very literally and just wore jeans..

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The look on my face in the picture perfectly portrays how I feel about turning on dry slope – 44484_432683643420_6033139_n

I thought I would take it that bit further and go for white skinny jeans.. I took inspiration from Danny McCormick who used to cut the bottom of the jeans and thread a shoelace through so they would fit over your boots!

Yes that is a New Look scarf around my neck.. 135717_10150348573015153_717496_o

Rocking a fake Superdry shirt – 167256_10150370141790153_1985922_n

April Fools day is always fun in America –

Great chairlift selfies guys..



My first Special Blend jacket! When I was younger I was absolutely obsessed with Forum & Special Blend, the team was awesome and their products were amazing. I bought this Men’s jacket to go with my baggy turquoise pants.


After entering a Forum rail competition at Castleford I stalked the rep before plucking up the courage to ask if there was any room on the team, at the time there wasn’t but I got given a ProForm which means you can buy kit extra cheap from them. Pretty soon after I was given a place on the UK team and my dreams had literally come true!

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Riding for Forum was amazing, out of all the companies I liked this one was my ultimate favourite! I’m such a poser here..

Then onto my trip to America..

I spent my first proper season in Breckenridge riding for my favourite company in the World. As part of the deal I was lucky enough to get hooked up with Anon goggles too!

My favourite jacket ever (it still is now!) was this Special Blend one – it was the perfect fit and length and I just loved the style of it!

At the Boardtest in Austria with my best mate Sophie –550244_3891576086185_1074413543_n

Forum & Special Blend ended and my heart broke a little bit! I spent the last season they were in production still riding my kit in Mayrhofen.

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After being totally gutted by the news that my favourite company in the world no longer existed I didn’t think I would get a deal like that again/ Luckily for me the guys over at Subvert knew I was on the look out for a new sponsor and they got the Nikita rep to get in touch with me. Stoked doesn’t even describe how I felt to become part of the team.

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The Special Blend outerwear was always really nice and a little bit girly without being in your face which I really loved. With Nikita I experimented with wearing more pink stuff and I started to realise that I actually enjoyed wearing my feminine looking stuff on the mountain! 10152618_214507118759448_941454284271393022_n

I loved this outfit, grey loose fit trousers and one of my favourite Nikita riding hoodies553097_137158179827676_278110807_nFaye-Young

Over the years it has been so much fun experimenting with different styles and I’ve found that I like a mixture of everything! Spring days are spent riding in a baggy hoody and skinny fit snowboard pants. Pow days I wear my long fit coat with a fur hood and my bright patterned trousers. I like to keep it balanced, my flowery Spy Bravo goggles always keep a girly touch to whatever I’m wearing! 10850221_302207943322698_4627726130894673608_n

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