What’s in my bag : Mountain Backpack


Every morning I pack my backpack before I head to the mountain. This way I can double check that I have everything I need for the day ahead. I also like to get ready in the gondola on the way up so I don’t have to rush when i’m leaving which is why I take a bag with me. Here is a list of what I take with me for a day riding in the park :

img_9405Beanie, Bandana & Mittens

At the minute I have a bit of a green theme going on, my camo Celtek Maya mittens paired with a green bandana and my Subvert turnup beanie.img_9407

Goggles & Spare Lensimg_9402

My Spy Bravo goggles with the happy rose/dark blue spectra lens are a safe bet for any weather conditions but I take a happy bronze lens with me too just incase. It’s so quick and easy to change lens with this frame so swapping over isn’t a problem.

img_9401GoPro, Xsories Power Bank & Ipod

These 3 gadgets are perfect for any park rider, GoPro have consistently released awesome cameras that make filming park laps super easy. With the wide angle lens you won’t miss any tricks and you can play it back on your phone just to make sure you got it! The Xsories sneaker power bank is a lifesaver too you can charge your GoPro, Phone and iPod. With two USB ports you can charge two devices at once too. I like to ride with music when i’m lapping the park, good tunes but me in a good mood!

img_9399Water, Snack Bar & Lipbalm

When your having a good session in the park it’s easy to forget to eat or drink anything so it’s important to take something up with you. I try and drink at least 1 litre during the day, the great thing about Penken Park is there are toilets at the top and taps to refill your bottle. Throw in a cereal bar or chocolate bar for a quick snack too, something is better than nothing! The lush honey trap lip balm is still my favourite, it’s really nourishing and is the perfect remedy for chapped lips.

img_9409Backpack of choice : DC Grind Skate Backpack


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