Photoshoot With Photography By Glen

Luckily for me I have an incredibly talented dad who is amazing at photography and while he was out visiting me in Austria we had a mini photoshoot. My dad runs a photography business on the side of his main job and does everything from weddings, studio shoots, fashion shoots to snowboarding. Here are a few of the images we managed to get from just a quick session before the sunset. _MG_8910

This is me wearing Spy Bravo goggles, the Nikita Snotra fleece with Nikita Nott snowboard pants in Orion Blue _MG_8905



This ‘Chick Fit’ Subvert hoody is perfect for dome or spring riding. On cold days I wear this as a mid layer too. 



My Celtek Gallery mittens are super cute and super comfy, perfect on pow days! If you want warm cosy mittens then these are by far the best ones.


My board of choice is the Nikita Expression, it’s been my favourite board for 2 seasons now and this years graphics are just the prettiest ever! _MG_8885




The blue jacket with the fur is the Nikita Freyja Jacket and my green mittens are Celtek Maya mitts. You can visit my dads website at or contact him through Facebook to arrange a shoot with him.


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