Black Eye Wide Angle Lens


So I recently got hold of a Black Eye wide angle lens which is a rad accessory to have with you on the mountain. IMG_9747

It simply clips onto your phone over the camera and gives you a 160 degree view so you can film rail and kicker tricks easily without missing anything. For photo’s it’s great too because you get so much more into the shot, it’s something fun to use and create different images with your friends. img_9723

Because it just clips onto your phone it means you can use it for either you main camera or the self facing camera so getting epic selfies is really easy!IMG_9748IMG_9667

It’s small enough to keep in your pocket and comes with a little protective bag to keep it in and a lens cap for when your not using it. Black Eye have a few different options like the wide angle and macro lenses so you can find the best one for your style of filming. img_9669-1The view is great and you can even see your feet in the shot sometimes! If your not that confident at filming this is perfect for you because it gives you extra space so you don’t get shouted at for missing the rider in a shot. It’s a quick way to upgrade your phone camera and avoid carrying extra equipment with you.


Black Eye is founded by three friends, Eero Ettala and Fredu Sirviö who are professional snowboarders along with Skateboard Photographer Arto Edman who have developed the products to work easily with board sports. They know exactly what is needed to capture the perfect shot and you can see this in the product line. You’ll never miss a shot now and wish you had packed your camera because you can do it all from your phone!


This was my first day testing it out and the weather wasn’t great, I can’t wait to do some sunny laps in the park with it! Here is where you can find all the info on the Wide Angle Lens IMG_9752img_9646



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  1. cathrynrebak says:

    Heya! Love your blog…Just wondering what brand of helmet this? I’m trying to find a helmet that fits well with my spy goggles 🙂 thanks!

    1. fayeyoung says:

      Aw thanks Cathryn! it’s a Smith Allure which is the female version on the Maze helmet both fit really nicely with spy goggles and they are really lightweight too!

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