Spring Shred Hoodies

Spring is fast approaching which means it’s time to shred in hoodies and shirts! Here in Mayrhofen it has already felt like spring for a while now with slushy snow and high temperatures so I’ve been wearing my hoodies and shirts to ride in already. Here are a few of my favourite picks, they are good for riding indoors with too because I sometimes get too warm wearing a coat in the dome.


Subvert Chick Fit Hoody –

Subvert always have a really good selection on riding hoodies and this season they introduced the ‘chick fit’. It’s a longer, slightly slimmer fit hoody which make s nice change from baggy fit unisex hoodies. If your looking for a nice fitting hoody then I would definitely recommend this one.

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Subvert Raglan Hoody –

If you want a more loose fitting option then the Raglan is perfect for you, it comes with black, green or burgundy coloured sleeves and hood. For me this is the perfect riding hoody, it’s warm and cosy as a mid layer on cold days and ideal for wearing with just a t-shirt in hot spring weather.


Nikita Snotra Fleece –

This is a zip up riding hoody that is available in either Blue or Red. It’s not too thick which makes it a great option for Spring & dome riding. If you want a more subtle colour option then this is perfect because it’s not too bright.

Nikita Fieldstone Shirt –

This is a tech shirt so it is waterproof and it’s slightly longer at the back too which is a nice touch. With pop buttons it’s easy to do up and it has a nice faux leather pocket detail too. You could wear this as a mid layer or by over a t-shirt on a really hot day in the park.


Nikita Delano Shirt –

It’s not always important to buy a snow specific hoody or shirt to ride in, if you see something you like then why not just buy it a size bigger than usual and wear it snowboarding. This is a streetwear shirt but works great as a riding shirt if the weather is really good. Here in Austria during the spring it can reach 20 degrees on the mountain so it’s nice to wear something lightweight and cool.


CLWR Hype Hoody –

This hoody has a really cool oversized collar which looks really cosy and the drawstrings add a nice touch to it too. The long fit is perfect for riding and it even has pockets at the sides too. Subvert stock this in Grey or Blue.


Vans Meow-Za Crew –

Crew necks do tend to be short fitting but you might prefer that over longer fitting stuff. The cats are funny too and I doubt you will see many people wearing it on the slopes as most people tend to wear hoodies.


Volcom Circle Flannel Jacket –

Volcom do some really nice fitting shirts and jackets, they are really flattering and comfortable to wear. This purple shirt is gorgeous and the hood is awesome too because if you wear a bandana and helmet it all tucks in nicely.


DC Allstar Hoody –

Sometimes a simple logo hoody is a really good choice, this pink colour stands out nicely too. Paired with some nice slim fit black pants this would look great. It’s currently in the sale too! £35! 🙂


Animal Ralis Hoody –

This nice tie-dye pattern hoody from Animal seems like a good hoody for riding in. It’s a nice length and not too slim fitting so plenty of movement for when your riding park.


Oakley Overeasy Hoody –

If you do want a super technical hoody that’s gonna stay dry all day then this Oakley water repellent hoody is a great choice. It’s a fleece so it will be super comfy and it even has a multimedia pocket so you can keep your iPod or phone safe. There is even a lift pass pocket on the arm which makes it really easy to scan through the turnstile.

I hope you have a trip to the mountain planned soon so you can enjoy the spring fun! 🙂 x





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