Sunday Snaps

originalphoto-480000540.991186This week has been amazing – the Sun has come out finally! It was the last week here for our campsite neighbour Billy so we have been making the most of his last few days and spending full days on the mountain. Kaltenbach is a great resort, the sun has been shining but the snow stays good up there as it is a little bit higher than Penken. img_0505


On the one snowy day that we did have this week we decided to explore a different resort called Steinplatte – the rail setup there is a lot of fun! img_0399

Austrian McDonalds are seriously next level, have you sat next to a nice warm fire in Maccy D’s before? originalphoto-479903177.630075

More furry friends in the park – this is Biggie, he is a such a softy!




It finally feels like spring! originalphoto-479909970.355640

I got this gorgeous WoodWatch this week and I love it! originalphoto-480000580.097047


I am loving using the Hipstamtic app on my phone, you can now use the effects on the self facing camera too. You can set it up so that if you shake your phone it changes the effects so it’s really easy to shoot a few different pictures and end up with a good selection. originalphoto-479915369.245522


I’m really depressed at the fact that next week might be the last snow themed Sunday Snaps post! 😦 😦 Hope you had a great weekend! x



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