originalphoto-479909970.355640-1I am not usually a watch wearing type, I’ve never really found one that I like and I’ve never spent more than £15 on one. I was just browsing online when I spotted WoodWatch, they are handmade watches made from natural Maple wood. originalphoto-479903753.877794The watch I went for is the Femme with silver detailing, you an choose from gold or rose gold too. The smaller design is a great fit for girls and it is splash proof too so don’t worry if you get caught out in the rain while you are wearing it.originalphoto-479903221.704557 In the box you get two tiny screw drivers to adjust the strap with, I had to take a couple of links out but it was really easy and only took me ten minutes to do.originalphoto-479903186.667922-1


Even though this is from a dutch company shipping is free in Europe and it didn’t take long to arrive at all. If you want to treat yourself to a new watch then take a look at the website and see the different options, it’s something different and I get lots of people asking about it when I wear it. I think it goes with a lot of outfits too which is nice. originalphoto-480517429.490286


WoodWatch & Bahru Bracelets


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