Why it’s the best time for girls to start snowboarding

10387223_1028463127167758_7500402186985521483_nThe Female snowboard scene is an amazing thing to be a part of right now. There are tonnes of girls pushing boundaries and helping to inspire other girls to get on board. In a male dominated sport it’s nice to see the number of women snowboarders increase and also see that there is more recognition for them too. I feel like there isn’t as much of the whole ‘women are so far behind us’ attitude going on from Men and there’s a lot more respect for girls progressing at their own pace. Companies are really onboard with what the female audience want which makes it a lot easier to progress in the sport. 10404421_10209151009715016_7468876868405612796_nI love what sheshreds.co are doing, they encourage all girls to support each other no matter what level or style they have. It’s all about being united and stoked on each others progression which is an awesome message to send out. SheShreds just wants to help make every girl that wants to ride feel comfortable and enjoy the sport without any pressure. 10857895_636725632465_5588077893479555029_nThere has been a few debates recently about ‘girly’ snowboard stuff and I feel like the girls who like that kind of thing (I’m one of them!) are kinda getting a hard time. It’s as if by you wearing mittens with cats on and rocking pink bindings on a floral print board then you aren’t as respected amongst other girls and I think that’s really wrong. It shouldn’t matter what you wear, if you feel comfortable and you love it then everyone should respect you for that. If we all dressed the same it would be so boring! We all have our own riding style so why not have our own clothing style? Don’t alienate anyone because their style doesn’t fit with what you think should represent women’s snowboarding.10850048_10206197469794014_4696682579334503633_n It can be hard sometimes, I mean lets be honest no matter how much we try and get away from the ‘bitchy’ stereotype we all have bad days and say things we didn’t really mean but I feel like at the end of the day we still all respect each others riding and support each other. I love that you can meet someone on a chairlift and when you talk to them you find out that if it wasn’t for snowboarding, you would have never met that person yet here you are enjoying a chairlift ride with them.11745937_10206157037519385_7692157878670691142_n The sport brings so many different people together and you end up making friends with girls you might never have spoken to if you were in a different situation. If you are thinking of learning to snowboard or want to book onto a women’s camp/trip but your worried about it – you shouldn’t be! Don’t let anything stop you from doing what you want, you will soon realise that snowboarding is an amazing thing to be a part of and the people you meet will change your life (in a good way!) If your scared about going on your own then persuade a friend to go with you, it will turn your falls into fits of laughter and you will have someone there to celebrate with when you learn something new. 12888508_10209173067111779_6077272603931083109_oThanks to snowboarding and the countries I have visited because of it I have friends from all over the world, America, Holland, Sweden, Germany, Austria which I think is amazing and we all have snowboarding in common. It means no awkward pauses or trying to find something in common, you can talk about riding and instantly have a connection. 12079480_993701514040458_1927578855054268822_nIt is so good to see so many girls killing it at the moment, Katha & Sandra Buchegger , Veroniqi Hanssen & Stephanie Kauert are my rail inspiration and Katie Ormerod & Anna Gasser have the perfect rail & kicker skills combo and there’s so many more out there I can’t even list them all! Big love to all you girl riders out there, keep at it! 1724856_1712645152339126_330389081780651862_n


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