Sunday Snaps – The last Austrian edition for a while!


So this week’s Sunday snaps will be the last one from Austria! We are currently packing our stuff away ready for the drive home next week šŸ˜¦ At least the sun has been shining for us (nobody likes packing an awning away in the rain)


I managed to film some extra footage for my season edit at Kaltenbach which is just 10 minutes down the valley from us. I really like this park, although it only has a few features they are really fun to hit and the snow conditions have been perfect up there for weeks.



Soon the view from our bedroom window will be very different! Probably a lot more rainy šŸ˜¦


I thought the frenchies would like to say goodbye to the mountains! They are Celtek Gallery mittens šŸ™‚



Having some time behind the lens filming for some friends with my Canon SX60


Starting to pack our Isabella Universal 420 awning away, it hasn’t budged all Winter šŸ™‚


Shorts – In March.. I know I possibly have goosebumps in this photo but I definitely got a slight tan from this day!


This is my new favourite bandana, not only is it super comfortable but it has cats & dogs in space firing lasers at each other.. I don’t know what else I could ask for!


And that’s it for this week, time to head back to the UK! Love my Bahru bracelets and WoodWatch ā¤




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