Nikita Fieldstone Riding Shirt

img_0514Now that Spring is upon us it means most of you have probably had to put your Snowboard to bed for the Summer – Unless you ride indoors or at a glacier! If you haven’t had to ditch your board already then you need this riding shirt in your life – it even works as a mid layer on those colder days.originalphoto-479903698.577740-1 I started wearing this on days when I knew I would be hiking rails to get footage and it was perfect for the job. It has a waterproof coating so your it won’t get wet when your sat strapping in and it even has little air holes in the armpits to help stop you from melting.

Nikita Fieldstone Shirt

I love the colour, it stands out against my Fieldstone pants and it has pop buttons so it’s easy to do up and undo. I wear this under a hoody on those warmer days incase I need to loose a layer and don’t want to look like a Jerry and ride in my thermal top. img_0466

You can see me shredding in this shirt in my new edit over hereI also have the grey version which you can nab in the sale at Sputnik.


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