Style Altitude

This Winter I was lucky enough to work with Style Altitude and write some articles over the season. With a mixture of trick tips and a look into seasonaire life you can read them over on the website.


Anger on the slopes –

This article is all about the stresses of school holidays during the season! You can hear about my temper tantrums here.


Bar Watch – Apres Ski –

You can read about my experience working at an Apres Ski bar in Austria and the types of people you will meet there..


10 Essentials to pack for a ski season –

You might not be heading off for a ski season right now but my 10 essentials might remind you to pack things you wouldn’t normally think of!


Why more girls are learning to snowboard this year –

I did a bit of research to find out what had caused a 44% increase in girls snowboard sales last year.


Trick Tip – The Backflip –

If you think you are brave enough here are my tips on how to land a backflip!


Trick Tip – 180 & 360 out of a rail –

If your looking to learn a new ail trick and are confident at hitting side on rails then why not try and master 180’s & 360’s out.


Trick Tip – Learning the basics –

Billy Cockrell shows you the basics that you should learn before moving onto hitting jumps and boxes. Get these on lock and you will find freestyle snowboarding a lot easier.

Style Altitude is a great site with a mixture of gear reviews and ski/snowboard news follow them on Twitter or Facebook to make sure you don’t miss a post!



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