Isabella 420 Universal Awning

IMG_1219Now that we are back in the UK for the summer it means we have set the caravan up onsite in the New Forest where will be working for the next few months. After a Winter of hard use when it came to pack the Isabella awning away we found it quite pleasant. It barely needed any cleaning and didn’t take long to pack away at all. IMG_0934It is a lot lighter than our Dorema awning so folding the sections away was really easy. Although the Universal 420 is not a full size awning it still feels nice and spacious.IMG_1040 Simon had more than enough room for his work bench and tools over the Winter and now that we have set up for the summer we have lots of space for all of our wakeboard equipment too. IMG_1041We have just set it up on our warden pitch at the campsite and it looks great! At first we were unsure if the extra cost compared to other awning companies was justified but after months of use we can see y people choose to invest in them. Through bad wind, heavy snow and rainfall it does not budge an inch. Arriving back to the New Forest we had just missed ‘storm Katie’ which had caused some damage to several seasonal caravan awnings and I have to say none of them were Isabella.IMG_1220 They really do stand the test of time and if you are planning on using your awning a lot or keeping it up all year round then it really is worth investing in an Isabella. We really have tested this awning to the max and demanded a lot from it which shows the great quality and design works amazingly well. After the cold Winter season is over I am really looking forward to enjoying the Isabella in the sunny warm weather (fingers crossed we get some!) IMG_1427

When the sun decides to pay us a visit I will post some photo’s of the awning on the Summer pitch at Green Hill Farm 🙂


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