My Camera Kit

Having a nice camera to shoot with is great and doesn’t have to be super expensive! Luckily for me my lovely boyfriend treated me to a new camera for Christmas and I love it. After lots of research we settled for the Canon SX60 as it seemed like the perfect choice for what we wanted. IMG_0543With a 60x optical zoom for me it’s handy because I can film the jumps without needing to be too close which means I can be more creative with my shots. The SX60 is a ‘bridge’ camera which is like a mini DSLR camera, you can’t change the lens but that’s fine for us because it’s less stuff to carry and also switching lenses in snowy conditions isn’t great anyway. You get some control over settings yet it will still capture awesome images on auto mode. My old camera was a smaller canon x280 and the 20x optical zoom on that was awesome for such a small camera. When I got hold of my new camera I couldn’t believe how great the zoom was! Here is an example, my dad was stood quite far away yet I zoomed right in and shot this portrait of him. The first image is probably zoomed in at about a 1/4 of the total zoom and the second one is roughly 3/4 zoom (I don’t know the technical way to describe it :s)



I decided to stick with Canon as most of my camera’s have been Canon’s and I have always loved them. The quality is always great and personally I think they are really good value for money. They are really user friendly and you can literally pick one up and create shots like this with not much effort at all.


The screen on the back flips out to the side which is handy if there’s nobody around to help me with outfit shots or if I want to take a high quality selfie (soz!)


You still have the option to look through the viewfinder if you prefer it. Once you have spent a bit of time with the camera it’s really easy to use. My favourite feature is the wifi! You set it up to your phone and once the information is stored all you have to do is switch the wifi on your phone and camera on, open the canon app and you can view your images straight away. You can save the images straight to your camera roll and post them to instagram in less than a minute! Video play back isn’t great on the app but the image viewing is just the job.


If you are wanting to improve your photography but aren’t ready to delve into the world of DSLR’s like me then this camera is the perfect choice. It has inspired me to get to know my camera more so I can understand how to create the best shots. The video quality is epic, you can film in 1080p and the image stabilisation works so well even when your snowboarding while filming.


I’m heading to the board test (Spring Break) at the weekend and I can’t wait to get some more photo’s and get a few shots in the park !



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