Crossing the Channel with DFDS



On Friday afternoon we hit the road and headed to Dover to catch a ferry into France. We were driving out to Kaunertal in Austria for the Snowboard Spring Break which is a demo event that takes place every year. With the car packed up and ready to go we set our sat nav to Dover to take a DFDS ferry across the channel. The drive there isn’t bad at all and despite a bit of Friday afternoon traffic we managed to make it to the 8.00pm crossing. IMG_1480Check in was quick and easy, all you need are your passports and booking confirmation to show at the check in. Anticipating the port being busy we opted for priority boarding which meant we were first onto the boat and first to leave at the other side so there was no waiting in queues when we docked in Dunkirk. IMG_1510Once we had parked up onboard we walked straight up to the sea view lounge which is only an extra £8 per person, I would definitely recommend upgrading to this especially at peak times when the ferry is full. IMG_1521


You get access to a quiet lounge with really comfortable seating and you can help yourself to as many hot drinks, pastries, biscuits and juice as you like. IMG_1524There are only a limited amount of spaces in the lounge so you are guaranteed to have a nice peaceful crossing. The staff at DFDS are all really helpful and make the journey pleasant. IMG_1535


The onboard shop has lots on offer from make up to alcohol you can make the most of the duty free prices and stock up on your beauty favourites or treat yourself to a new perfume. The crossing takes around 2 hours in total which gives you times to relax with a coffee and have a rest before getting back on the road, you could even have a nap if your feeling tired. IMG_1128Using the ferry instead of the Euro tunnel breaks your journey up a bit and gives you chance to stretch your legs and get some food before the long trip ahead. We chose to sail to Dunkirk instead of Calais this time, Dunkirk is a much quieter dock and when we arrived for our crossing back to the uk we found the check in and boarding stress free and easy. IMG_1477

After hitting some traffic in France we had to catch the 10.00pm ferry and by this point we were all starving so we headed straight for the restaurant to tuck into some nice hot food. I chose the Lasagne and it was just what I needed after 9 hours stuck in a car!


Both of our crossings were really smooth and acted as the perfect pit stop in between our long journey. DFDS are a great company to use for your crossing, with competitive prices and great customer service you really can’t go wrong. If you are planning a trip into Europe make sure you start it off with DFDS seaways. Follow DFDS on twitter as they always update their page with any delays and are quick to answer any questions you might have about your crossing. IMG_1517



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