DC Ply – Review

img_1549After a few days of shredding at the Snowboard Spring Break I have picked out my favourite boards that I tested both in the park and cruising piste runs. First up is the DC Ply – I rode this in both a 146 and a 142 (I usually ride a 143) . img_1555If you want a fun playful board then this is the perfect choice. I took  few laps on the 146cm carving around and doing side hits and it was a lot of fun, it has really nice pop and is a really forgiving board. For a soft board it still holds an edge really well and doesn’t feel unstable at high speeds. img_1551I switched over to the 142cm and took it for a spin in the park and straight away I fell in love, it sometimes takes a while to feel confident hitting features on a different board but I was straight into hitting the rails and small jumps. The extra pop from the lock & load camber is great for ollie-ing onto rails and off jumps. img_1467The thing you will notice straight away is how light this board is! DC have come up with the ‘Tear the roof off’ tech which means they have scrapped the traditional topsheet for a much lighter material, this enables the board to have more pop & flex too. img_1556The Ply also features ‘3 degree bevel’ and this means the edge is 3 degrees less than the standard 90 degrees on most other boards, this makes the board more forgiving for beginners with a catch free ride and it also makes it really fun for jibbing. Radius 2 Flat means the board is flat at the nose and tail which is something I have grown really used to, it just seems to make riding a lot easier for me. img_1553The DC Ply was teamed with the Union Juliet bindings which I will do a separate write up for. They are super light weight bindings, perfect for beginners and park riders and for £120 you really can’t beat them! The graphics and colour ways are amazing too!



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