6 Tips – How To Survive Living With Friends

IMG_1247Sharing a house with your friends always seems amazing at first but it’s not all fun and games. Even if you are sharing with your closest friends there can still be things that will cause you to clash. These are my tips to keeping a friendly and fun atmosphere in a house filled with different people.

  • Do Your Fair Share

This is a BIG one.. you should always do your share of chores & cleaning. If you eat a meal by yourself clean up afterwards and if someone has offered to cook for everyone make sure you help with the cleanup afterwards. If you share a room with someone try and keep your space tidy, that way there will be no arguments about losing things amongst the pile of clothes on the floor.


  • Respect Privacy

Having spent 2 seasons in shared houses I learnt that respecting each others privacy is a massive thing. Especially as a couple it was nice to have understanding housemates tht wouldn’t get mad if we just wanted to chill in our room. If you share a room with someone always ask them if it’s ok to play loud music or have friends round – they might not be as up for it as you are.

  • Apologize After A fight

It’s hard to avoid fights when you all live in such close quarters but that doesn’t mean things can’t be resolved quickly. If you know your in the wrong just apologize straight up, at the end of the day your all friends so don’t let something silly ruin a good day.


  • Be Strict With Money

If you are the one organizing a group you need to be strict when it comes to payments. Before anyone commits to joining your house you need to tell them exactly how much it is going to cost and when you expect the payments by. Just because you are friends doesn’t mean you should be lenient when it comes to money – otherwise you might end up in trouble yourself.


  • Make An Effort

Sometimes it’s easy to just shut yourself away in your room but you should make an effort to be social and hang out with everyone. Usually if you are on a season you will only be with your friends for a few months so make the most of it! You never know it might be your last season living abroad. Arrange a house meal once a week so that you all get sat around the table together and eat a good healthy meal.



  • Make Sure You All Have A Bed

Make sure everyone has a bed each and if possible try to keep it fair, couples should get priority of double rooms/beds but try and keep it equal throughout the house. When I booked a house in Breckenridge it has 3 bedrooms and I knew that there was going to be 2 couples and 2 brothers sharing so it worked out perfectly. It does make it cheaper if you have more people in a house but it also makes it more stressful and messy so in the long run it’s not worth it.



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