Road Trip Rules

image6If you are sharing a car with your friends for a long journey then you are accepting one of these important roles –

Driving in Austria 
  • Driver

If you are the main driver then you have a lot of responsibility, if it’s a long trip then you need to be prepared for driving for hours at a time without a break. If you are the type of person that gets tired easily then you need to make sure your friends know they have to keep you entertained!


  • Shotgun

If you sitting in the front then you take on the responsibility of navigating, even if you have a sat nav it can get stressful trying to figure out weird French slip roads and junctions. You need to look out for the driver too, don’t fall asleep on them! Your job is to keep them chatting and be there to tell them when they should have a rest. You also need to keep all of the travel documents in the glove box so that they are easy to get to – passports, ferry tickets, change for tolls etc.


  • Backseat 1

If you are sat in the back then you are in charge of snacks & refreshments for the trip. You have more space in the back so try and pack a bag that has drinks, some savoury snacks and sweets to keep everyone going throughout the journey. This will save you time and money along the way.

  • Backseat 2

If you are in the back seat and the aux cable is long enough then you are in charge of tunes, don’t be the one to turn up with no iPod or songs on your phone. Check through your playlist before you leave and make sure you have some variety, in a car full of people not everyone is going to love your Taylor Swift album collection.


Road trips are always good fun but make sure you look after your driver! Tiredness is dangerous and if you feel like it’s time to stop for a rest don’t be afraid to speak up. Try and keep your seat area tidy too, at each fuel stop throw your rubbish away – this way you can stay nice and comfortable in your spot. Buying small drinks is a good idea too, mini cans of coke and small water bottles etc as it means you won’t need a toilet stop 1 hour into the trip.

image3 (1)Take lots of photo’s! You get to see loads of cool things when you travel by car so make the most of it and if you see something really cool why not stop and take a look around. We found a beautiful pit stop by an amazing lake which was a great photo opportunity.

image1 (1)

Do some research before you leave too so know about any cool places to stop at along the way, we heard about a car meet in Austria but it was too late by then to include it in our trip.




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