Kaunertal Resort Review

originalphoto-484046434.828701The Snowboard Spring Break event takes place every year in Kaunertal, Austria. It is a Glacier resort that is roughly 1.5 hours away from Innsbruck airport. The place to stay is called Feichten which is a typical sleepy Austrian village. From Innsbruck airport it will take just over an hour in the car to get to Feichten and the drive is amazing, you pass some beautiful lakes and picnic areas so I would recommend allowing yourself some extra time for the journey because you will want to stop and take photos!

image1 (1)

With only one supermarket and a couple of restaurants Feichten is a really quiet town which is lovely if you are wanting to visit somewhere that isn’t very commercialized. There is a sports centre with a swimming pool if you don’t have one at your hotel and there are volleyball, tennis & basketball courts too. The Kiwi bar is a popular choice for food and drink, they serve lovely food (the pizza is awesome!) and there is a cool lounge area to enjoy a drink in. With only one cash machine in the whole village I would stock up on cash as it can run out of money when it’s busy. Remember that most shops in Austria close on Sundays so stock up in the supermarket too!


Kaunertal glacier is accessed by car or bus, the drive takes about 40 minutes and the scenery is amazing. You will drive past a dam and the water is such a beautiful colour – I guarantee you will stop to take a picture of it!


The drive can be a bit tedious after a couple of days though, especially if you don’t deal with travel sickness well 😦 It is worth it in the end though I promise!


The ski resort itself is small compared to other places you may have been to but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun! I have more fun during the one long chairlift lap in Kaunertal than I do spending all day in other larger resorts. The run down to the chairlift has a halfway station or you can continue to the bottom which is a good long run with lots of side hits along the way.


You can catch a gondola up even higher if you want to have an extra long run too. The park is accessed by a T-Bar which is about 5 minutes long and isn’t a steep lift so it’s not uncomfortable. The park setup this spring was a lot of fun, there are different features to suit everyone from boxes to the stairset with 3 rails on. The rail line is actually quite long, there’s about 12 features in a line with different options next to each other to mix things up so it’s a really enjoyable park to ride.

img_1548The car park is literally next to the slopes so you can keep a packed lunch in the car and head back there for a food break whenever you want. You can take food into the restaurant as they have a ‘picnic’ type area with benches for when the weather is bad. The food in the restaurant is actually quite nice though and although it’s a little bit pricey you have to expect that in a small resort. The portion sizes are large though so I don’t mind paying for it.


If you are looking for a resort to ride out of the Winter season then I would recommend Kaunertal, it’s generally really quiet and accommodation in the off season is super cheap too – use booking.com for cheap deals. Keep an eye on cheap flights, hire a car and head for the glacier. Keep in mind that the weather on glaciers can be a bit hit and miss, you can sometimes have everything in one day, snow, wind, sun, rain etc to be prepared for a sudden change in conditions.


We stayed in apartments owned by a hotel called Tia Apart and we managed to get a 2 bedroom apartment that sleeps 6 people for £280 for 5 nights so it’s worth keeping an eye on booking.com for upcoming deals. Search ‘Feichten’ to find the other options.





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