Volcom Outerwear – Winter 16/17


During the snowboard spring break event not only did I get the chance to test out the latest snowboards but I also tried out some of the new Volcom outerwear. The first thing you will notice about any pieces from the Volcom collection is the quality – it’s amazing. Straight away you can see that a lot of time has been put into finding the right fit for girls figures, Volcom have really hit the nail on the head when it comes to comfort and style. Here are my favourite picks –

Verdi Overall in Mulberry – 

img_1239I have seen people rocking the overall trend this Winter and I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about it at first. When I first tried them on it felt slightly strange but after one lap through the park I fell in love with them, they are not restrictive in any way so you feel really free to move around in them. They also made me feel a bit retro so I spent the day doing methods off every jump & sidehit! You can get this in dark green, black or dark purple if your not too keen on the bright pink. It was really cool being able to mix and match my tops with this, I tried flannel shirts, hoodies & thin jackets underneath and it was really fun being able to change my look up so easily.

Inyoh Ins Flannel in Fire –

img_1549Flannel shirts are always a good go-to look, they suit everyone and never seem to go out of fashion. This Inyoh flannel looks great and performs amazingly well even in cold mountain weather. It keeps you toasty and warm even if it’s a windy day you won’t feel it. The buttons are poppers so they are quick and easy to to do up and they stayed put all day. The material itself is nice and soft to touch, I would wear this off the hill too I love that much. This shirt will be available in this red colour and a camo option too.

img_1554The trousers i’m wearing in the photo are the Iron Pant in a really subtle camo print. I have really wanted something with a camouflage print but didn’t want it to be too in your face, that’s where these fit the bill perfectly. The print is nice and subtle and you wouldn’t notice it until you get close to them. This is great because it means they won’t clash with any of your coloured jackets and you could wear them with anything.

Circle Flannel Jacket –


The print on this caught my eye straight away, I think it’s a really nice subtle girly pattern without being too floral. It’s like a more feminine version of camo print. The jacket itself looks and feels like a shirt but it is thicker and more waterproof. If you ride indoors or just want something a bit lighter than a coat this is the perfect choice. It buttons up really easily and the hood is a really nice feature too. I had this on for a few runs where the weather changed a lot in a short space of time, we had sun, cloud, snow & a little bit of rain and this jacket was great during it all. The size I tried was a small, and although I would usually go for a medium, the longer fit of this jacket meant it still fit me really well, the back is slightly longer than the front too so it never felt like it was riding up my back. Pair this with the Species stretch pants and your onto a winner. img_1550

The trousers I’m wearing in the photo are the Species stretch, as the name says they are nice and stretchy which makes them extremely comfortable.  The thing I love on these is the waterproof gators that go over your boots are super elasticated and even fit over my double boa boots that stick out quite a bit. It’s only a small thing but it saves me time when strapping in.

Shadow Ins Jacket in Copper –


This was the first jacket I tried on and I think this is a great choice for a Winter coat, if you want something that is going to perform on powder days and cold laps through the park then this is the one. The long fit makes it really comfortable to ride in and stops any snow getting up your back, the large pockets are easy to get into too.The elasticated cuffs are a really handy feature, as I wear mittens I sometimes find it hard to get my sleeves over the top of them but with this jacket it’s really easy. The fur on the hood is detachable if you don’t like it but I personally love a fur hood in the Winter. This jacket has some really nice details such as elbow pads that are the same colour as the jacket but have a quilted effect which I think is a really nice touch.


Era Jacket in Camo –


Last but not least is the Era jacket which i think a lot of girls will really like. Like the Iron pants I mentioned earlier the camo pattern is really subtle which I love.


The fit of this jacket again is amazing, there isn’t one piece of Volcom outerwear I tried on that wasn’t comfortable and flattering! This is a brand that really puts huge efforts into getting the women’s cuts & lengths right so that you feel great on the mountain. I did some park laps in this and didn’t feel restricted at all. I’m a big fan of the slightly longer fitting stuff so this was a lot of fun to wear.


Subvert Boardstore is Volcom stockist so keep an eye out in Autumn for new arrivals!




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