About Me

Nikita Akira Jacket

Hi i’m Faye!
After 8 years of snowboarding and 5 winter seasons abroad it’s safe to say I love snowboarding! I learnt to ride indoors at Xscape castleford and since then I’ve been chasing the snow all around the world.

My blog started as a way to keep my sponsors up to date with what I was doing but I soon came to love writing about my adventures and posting photo’s of the kit I wear and use.

I like to give accurate and helpful reviews on everything I test, nothing I write about is paid for and I would never be biased towards a company! I hope you like my blog and seeing what I get up to on my travels!


Instagram – @fayeyoung

Twitter – @fayevyoung


3 Comments Add yours

  1. David Rees says:

    Was in mayrhofen this year amazing place can’t wait to get back there!!!

  2. sara says:

    How tall are you?:)

  3. Brian young says:

    Dear fay I’d like to wish you well in your sport.
    Also to invite you join clan young.
    As you have a great scottish name and have a tartan you can wear on the slopes.
    Also check out the clan youngs UK Facebook page.
    We would be happy to support you in all you do.
    You can also ask us questions on the clans history and whare the clan young lands are.
    I have not long lend to ski and my niece is learning to snow bord too.
    Share your fb page if you like too and you will have a army of youngs following you.
    Best wishes
    Brian young
    Clan young
    We ride !

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