My Camera Kit

Having a nice camera to shoot with is great and doesn’t have to be super expensive! Luckily for me my lovely boyfriend treated me to a new camera for Christmas and I love it. After lots of research we settled for the Canon SX60 as it seemed like the perfect choice for what we wanted….

Black Eye Wide Angle Lens

So I recently got hold of a Black Eye wide angle lens which is a rad accessory to have with you on the mountain. It simply clips onto your phone over the camera and gives you a 160 degree view so you can film rail and kicker tricks easily without missing anything. For photo’s it’s great too…

Panasonic Action Camera – HX-A500

I have been testing out the Panasonic HX-A500 camera and it really has impressed me. Having used GoPro’s, Contour camera’s and Canon compact camera’s to film on the mountain with I was intrigued to see how the Panasonic would perform. This video was shot using this camera – Firstly the design does take a while…

4 of the best camera’s for making snowboard edits

Over the years I have used a few different camera’s to film both on the mountain and indoors at the snow domes. I thought I would write a post comparing all 4 camera’s so you an see the pro’s & con’s of each device. All of the camera’s below impressed me in their own ways….