UK demo – Big Bang Weekender! Tamworth & Braehead

10599316_669609509783954_1166229240288509349_nSo this year the Big Bang demo show is going to be a little bit different! Instead of being a 1 day event at 4 different snow domes it is now going to be a weekend long event at 2 venues. The first event will be held at Snow Factor Braehead on the 4th & 5th of Ocotober and the 2nd event will be at Tamworth Snowdome on the 18th & 19th of October. I would definitely recommend attending this event if you are considering buying new kit for the season. There’s nothing better than trying out something before you buy. This way you will know for sure which board/bindings/boots are right for you. It can be tempting to buy a board because of how it looks but you really should test it out before you commit to parting with you cash.IMG_1210

Also talking to the experts might even help point you in the direction of brands you would never normally consider and you could end up discovering a better setup for you. Both slopes will have some freestyle features out for you to practise on so you can really get a feel for how the kit is going to perform. When I have worked on the Nikita stand the past couple of years I noticed that a few people didn’t always have the best angles setup on their board and as silly as it sounds something as simple as adjusting the angles of your bindings can make a massive difference on your riding and can even make things a lot easier for you. Trying out different board setups and riding them there and then can give the brand reps a chance to see your riding style and give you some tips to improve on. So even if you don’t buy a board you might come away with some useful tips. At this event you can also meet the UK’s finest snowboarders Jamie Nicholls & Aimee Fuller who will be there to do some freestyle coaching and autograph signings! Put this one in your calendar guys!


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